Here at Industrial Roofing Service, we offer many flat roofing systems to suit your needs. These flexible methods allow us to create the ideal roof for your building, taking into account expected weather conditions, required lifespan and budget. Today’s blog will look at three 3 of the most popular systems we provide in more depth to help you make an informed decision.

Felt Flat Roofing

As one of the most traditional options, felt flat roofing involves building up several layers of roofing felt to create a waterproof barrier. These are generally secured together using a molten liquid called bitumen. Since it was first developed, this method has advanced and now produces very high-performance roofs that offer good lifespan to property owners.


  • Cost-effective.
  • A well-proven and reliable method.
  • Suitable for all sized roofs.


  • Cannot be used for regular footfall roofs.
  • Needs to be applied with high heat, posing a potential hazard to roofers.
  • Cannot be applied or repaired without professional help.

Single Ply Flat Roofing

Rising in popularity over the years, single-ply flat roofing uses flexible synthetic polymer sheets. They are available in two different materials – synthetic rubber and thermoplastic. The most popular option is thermoplastic since they can be heated and moulded again and again.


  • Highly UV resistant.
  • Very hard-wearing and durable.
  • High fire retardancy.
  • Chemical-resistant.


  • More expensive option due to modern materials required.
  • Can be complex to fit.

Liquid Roofing Systems and GRP

Noted as being one of the best performing flat roof methods, liquid roofing systems are ideal for a variety of environments. This system can be applied on most surfaces and can conform to profiled sheeting.


  • High performance.
  • Can be applied cold to minimise the risk of injuries.
  • Can be installed on a hot or cold roof.
  • Quick to install – (most systems have a fast curing time).
  • Can bond to new and old surfaces.


  • Can be more expensive than other options.

This list is not exhaustive and there are several other flat roofing systems available. However you decide on the right option for you, you must entrust the skills of an experienced and professional roofing company to help you achieve it.

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