Asbestos was a common building product used in the 1960s and 1970s, due to its fire resistant and insulation properties but the dangers of this material are well documented. Asbestos roofs are used on buildings such as garages and in many industrial applications, but extreme care has to be taken when attempting any type of repair or replacement to avoid disturbing the material which can result in harmful fibres being released.

Although roofs have quite a low asbestos content, caution still needs to be taken when repairing this type of roof. When it is exposed to prolonged periods of weathering the material can start to deteriorate which can result in asbestos fibres being released from the roof sheet. Asbestos roof repair or replacement is the best option and it is important that you only used an approved asbestos contractor such as ourselves to undertake this type of work.

Asbestos Roof Repairs

When undertaking any roofing repair project, we ensure that our team have the correct protective equipment and when any asbestos roofing is removed, it is packaged and disposed off at an approved facility. Once the repair is complete, we will issue the necessary documentation to verify that the work was carried out under the necessary guidance and regulations.

Whatever the challenges that you face with an asbestos roof, we will use our skills, knowledge and experience to put things right. Solving asbestos related issues should be carried out cost effectively, quickly and above all safely. As we are roofing specialists, we know the best techniques to use to contain and repair the asbestos roof to prevent harmful fibres from being expelled into the air. We can undertake all aspects of asbestos roof repairs from patch repairs through to metal over cladding, performance coatings, or if you prefer complete removal and replacement with a safe material.

Before we begin any roofing project, we undertake a thorough site survey. We will assess the level of deterioration of your asbestos roof so that we can do everything we can to prevent any further degradation of the roof which could present a risk to you and the people who use your building, whether it’s a garage at home or a roof in an industrial unit. Our team will work with you throughout the entire process repair, refurbish or repair your asbestos roof, but working with the highest degree of skill, care and safety in mind.