Cladding can be an important addition to many commercial premises. We have extensive expertise in the application of cladding to a diverse range of buildings. The ultimate goal of cladding is to protect the underlying structure from weathering or water damage. Essentially the cladding acts as a protective layer or skin that covers the building reducing deterioration and damage from the elements.

We work with a variety of cladding types including brick, metal, concrete, external foam, fibre cement, vinyl, stone, timber and weatherboard.

Roof Cladding

Our roof cladding products are installed to insulate and protect any type of commercial or industrial building. Not only do they protect the building from the elements, but it helps retain the condition of the underlying brickwork, reducing the likelihood of structural damage occurring. We have worked with many clients to install roof cladding on their commercial premises and we bring an extensive amount of expertise to our project work.

Roof Sheeting

You may find that certain types of commercial building feature roof sheeting, but over time this may become corroded. This is even more common if the roofing system hasn’t been correctly installed. Poor installation can result in water leaking into the building and other issues to the building. Roof sheeting should always be repaired or replaced by a qualified professional such as us who have specialist knowledge of industrial roofing. We use a selection of treatments including Giromax and TOR Coatings.

Cladding and sheeting will reduce the need for maintenance. It is designed to offer a long lasting layer of protection that protects your building from extremes in temperature and weather conditions.

It is important that you work with a reliable and professional industrial roofing company who will install your roof cladding in the correct manner. All of our work reflects industry standards and we apply best practice to our cladding installation projects to deliver the most effective results for our clients. Batons should be correctly fitted to ensure that there is sufficient space to allow air flow. Roof cladding is one of the best ways that you can enhance the appearance and protection of your building.

If you are considering the installation of roof cladding in your industrial property, please contact the team at Industrial Roofing Services who will undertake a site survey and provide you with a tailored quote for consideration. Contact us today to talk through your options in more detail.