Uncompromised Maintenance Solutions for Industrial Roofing Systems

Industrial Roofing Services (NE) Ltd is committed to providing maintenance solutions that enhance the performance and lifespan of your industrial roofing system. Our comprehensive offerings cater to a diverse range of needs, ensuring your property remains secure and efficient.

With over 30 years of experience, our dedicated team of experts is well-equipped to cater to the unique requirements of your industrial premises.

Comprehensive Roof Assessments

1. Visual Inspections

Our expert team conducts meticulous visual inspections of your roof to identify signs of wear, damage, and potential weaknesses. Factors assessed include:

  • Surface Degradation: Evaluation of the roof material’s general condition, signs of ageing, and worn or deteriorated areas.
  • Seams and Joints: Thorough examination of critical sealing points, such as roof penetrations and adjacent structures, to ascertain integrity and performance.
  • Drainage Systems: Assessment of gutters, downspouts, and scuppers to ensure proper flow and prevent blockages or pooling.

2. Thermographic Assessments

Our advanced thermographic assessments utilise state-of-the-art infrared equipment to detect moisture intrusion, energy loss, and potential structural issues concealed beneath the roof surface. This innovative technology enables our specialists to pinpoint problem areas requiring immediate attention, saving valuable resources and minimising downtime.

Proactive Preventive Maintenance

1. Debris Removal and Cleaning

Regular debris clearance, such as leaves, branches, and moss, prevents clogging and ensures optimal drainage. Additionally, removing moss, algae, and other contaminants diminishes the risk of surface deterioration and water ingress.

Our experts employ specialised techniques and tools to effectively eliminate debris, preserving the longevity of your industrial roofing system.

2. Gutter Care

Maintaining efficient gutters, downspouts, and related components is essential for adequate water flow and prevention of structural damage. Our comprehensive gutter care services include:

  • Unclogging and Flushing: Thorough cleaning and clearing of obstructions to promote optimal drainage.
  • Inspection of Hardware and Brackets: Assurance of securely fastened components to prevent sagging and detachment.
  • Joint Assessment: Examination and resealing of gutter joints to eliminate leaks and water intrusion.

Rapid and Efficient Repairs

1. Accurate Leak Detection and Repairs

Industrial Roofing Services (NE) Ltd employs expert leak detection strategies and equipment to identify the precise source of water intrusion and perform efficient repairs. Our customised solutions include patching, sealing, or replacing damaged components, ensuring watertight protection for your industrial property.

2. Flashing Repairs and Replacement

Proper functioning flashings are essential for preventing water ingress around roof penetrations. Our skilled technicians address defective flashings through repairs or replacement with robust, weather-resistant materials. Catering to your property’s specific needs, we install a variety of flashing types, such as:

  • Wall flashings
  • Curbing flashings
  • Pipe flashings
  • Vent flashings

Coating and Waterproofing Solutions

Rejuvenating aged or worn industrial roofing systems involves the expert application of high-quality coatings or waterproofing membranes. Our services provide:

  • Rust inhibition, reducing corrosion and prolonging the roof’s lifespan.
  • Improved energy efficiency via enhanced reflective properties.
  • Enhanced resistance to adverse weather conditions and chemical exposure.

Customised Maintenance Plans

At Industrial Roofing Services (NE) Ltd, we understand that your industrial property’s roofing requirements are unique. Our team consults with you closely to design and implement tailor-made maintenance strategies, ensuring the most effective and cost-efficient care for your infrastructure.

Inspection and Reporting Services

Regular inspections and detailed reporting are vital for monitoring your roof’s condition and rectifying any issues promptly. Our services entail:

  • Scheduled inspections on a timeframe suited to your roof’s age and condition.
  • Comprehensive reports encompassing visual and thermographic assessments, along with recommended maintenance or repair actions.
  • Consistently updated records fostering seamless monitoring and management of your roofing system’s health.

Gutter Guard Installation

Gutter guards mitigate debris accumulation by obstructing entry while permitting water passage. Industrial Roofing Services (NE) Ltd offers customised gutter guard installation, optimising drainage efficiency and minimising maintenance requirements.

Skylight Maintenance and Replacement

Indispensable for natural light and energy efficiency, skylights demand regular upkeep. Our specialists undertake:

  • Thorough cleaning to eradicate dirt and grime, ensuring optimal light transmission.
  • Seal inspection to avert leaks and prevent heat and energy escape.
  • Skylight glass replacement with superior, shatter-resistant variants, promoting longevity and safety.

Snow and Ice Management

In colder climates, snow and ice buildup on industrial roofing systems can pose significant hazards. Industrial Roofing Services (NE) Ltd offers tailored snow/ice removal and prevention solutions, mitigating risks and protecting your infrastructure. Encompassed services consist of:

  • Snow and ice removal employing specialised tools and equipment.
  • Insulation enhancement to preclude heat loss and subsequent ice formation.
  • Gutter heating/de-icing systems installation to avert blockages and water damage.

Industrial Roofing Services (NE) Ltd is committed to delivering exceptional maintenance solutions that preserve and prolong the lifespan of your industrial roofing system. Our depth of expertise, focus on quality, and client-centric approach guarantee unparalleled services customised to your property’s individual needs.

Contact us today to discuss your maintenance concerns and let our experts design the optimal solution for your industrial roofing.