If you are looking for an alternative to a flat roof, built up roofing (BUR) is incredibly effective. It is a tried, tested and hard wearing roofing system that works well on any commercial or domestic property. At Industrial Roofing Services, we have the highest quality products and services and combined with a skilled, experienced and knowledgeable roofing team, we provide an unrivalled level of service.

Our industrial roofing services specialise in all aspects of built up roofing systems including a pour and roll method or a high performance, torch used and self adhesive method. We have solutions to suit all budgets and requirements. Whatever option you choose it is incredibly easy to repair and maintain.

Why choose Built up Roofing?

There are so many advantages to choosing a built up roofing option for your residential or commercial premises. It is an incredibly hard wearing material that can withstand extremes of weather, changes in temperature and general wear and tear. Once installed it can last for many decades and can save you a lot of money.

Some of the advantages of built up roofing include:

  • Long lasting solution
  • Easy to install in all temperatures
  • Effective and reliable
  • Superior waterproofing qualities
  • Resistant to impact, fire and UV rays
  • Low maintenance

Even the best roofing materials can fail if they are not properly installed and that’s why you need a professional roofing contractor such as ourselves.

Suitable for many different types of building, a built up roofing system will work well on warehouses, factories, retail parks, manufacturing plants, business parks and distribution centres to name a few.

Built up roofing consists of a multi layered, composite roof featuring top performing insulation and waterproofing properties. The roofing system is easy and quick to install and is ideal for a low sloping roof. They are also suitable for new build properties in addition to those requiring refurbishment or replacement. Featuring multiple layers, all of which work together to insulate, protect and reinforce the roof to provide a long lasting solution.

If you would like to explore a built up roofing system in greater detail on your home or business premises, we are always happy to talk through your options so do not hesitate to contact our team today.