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Roofing Installations

Roofing Specialists in Newcastle upon Tyne 

 Industrial Roofing Services (NE) Ltd ....  Your roofing problem solved by experts, on time and on budget

A well maintained roof is essential to the smooth running of the building and business. It is essential that your roof is built to industry standards and maintained to prevent deterioration.

So you need a Roofing specialist that can provide a quality service, at the right price and on time.

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Industrial Roofing Services did an excellent job, for a great price and all work was completed on time .... Highly Recommended
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Industrial Roofing Services provided us with a first class service from quotation to work completion

roofing installation

Industrial roofing services

Roofing Services

Our Expertise

We have been installing and maintaining roofs for over 20 years and have hundreds of satisfied clients. IRS  will first conduct a roof inspection at a convenient time for you. Our staff will assess your roof on site and offer the best solution to fix your problem. We will photograph the problem for you and then the solution once work is completed ... so you can see exactly what work has been done on your roof

Our Approach

Our aim is to provide the best solution, at the right price and on time. We will thoroughly explain what will need to be done to your roof. In addition, you will be provided with roof samples with different colours and styles. We also offer advice on the pros and cons of each service.

Your Budget

We will provide a free detailed quotation based on the results of the inspection so that you can determine if the rate is within your budget.  The quotation will be itemised so that you can see the work needed and associated cost.


Roofing Products

We offer a range of products to assist with industrial roofing projects.


Our company ensures professionalism throughout our work. We offer a personalised service which is provided on every job. As a small business, we can offer a more tailored service which is less common within the industry. 


 With IRS as your industrial roofing contractor, you are assured of a professional approach.  We can assist with a roof replacement, roof repair or re-roofing. We only use high-quality materials and we provide quality work at a competitive cost. 


IRS is one of the most reliable and reputable industrial roofing companies in the North East. We provide a wide array of industrial roofing services including roof insulation, repair and maintenance.


Use Industrial Roofing Services as your first choice for roofing repairs in Newcastle upon Tyne. We always offer our valued clients high quality industrial roofing services. All work is completed to a high standard. Our responsibility as your roofing contractor does not end after repair or installation. 

Accreditations and Approved Installers

We also offer extended warranty workmanship for all our respected clients. In case something is wrong with the materials or finished job, you can still contact  IRS  to address the issue.