In the healthcare sector, there really is no compromise when it comes to the integrity of healthcare facilities such as hospitals. As an established industrial roofing company, we have been working in the commercial sector for many years, delivering advice and guidance as well as repair and installation projects to all kinds of organisations in the health care sector. We can restore roofs, undertake repairs or carry out complete renewals with little to no disruption to the day to day operations of the hospital. We deliver completely customised solutions that are tailored towards your specific requirements and we restore roofs quickly and effectively too.

In the healthcare sector we recognise that there are various regulations that must be complied with and before recommending any type of roofing material we will ensure that it is a good fit for your building and whether it meets stringent quality standards that may be required for your healthcare premises.

Since our business was established, we have assisted many organisations with their roofing requirements, from small roof repairs through to entire re-roofs, we have the knowledge, skill and expertise to deliver any type of roofing project. Our roofing contractors work with care and attention to detail, skilfully installing all types of roofing systems whether it’s a built up solution or a GRP system, we can tailor our roofing to suit.

For a cost effective, long lasting and top performing roofing system, please do not hesitate to contact our team to find out more or obtain further details. We also undertake roofing surveys too so we can visit your building and assess the condition of your roof, providing in depth recommendations and advice on the best course of action to repair, renew or replace the roof. We look forward to hearing from you.