The integrity of a building in the food sector is so important for many reasons, from food hygiene to health and safety. One of the most important considerations that businesses in the food industry have to make is keeping their building secure and intact. The roof is one of your most important considerations particularly in processing plants, factories and food preparation areas. It is so important to prevent birds and other vermin from entering the building causing significant contamination and could even close a business down.

While many industries can deal with minor leaks for a short period of time, the same cannot be said for food based industries. Any leak, no matter how small has the potential to cause problems and is unacceptable. We have worked with many clients in the food industry to provide complete roofing solutions, from minor repairs to prevent problems getting worse through to extensive refurbishment work including re-roofs.

We can deliver a cost effective, high performing roofing system for all types of food business, whether you are a manufacturer or a supplier, distributor or storage facility we can help create a weatherproof and watertight roofing solution that will keep the weather and vermin out of your building. Roofing systems for the food industry have to be built in such a way that they can withstand normal wear and tear but also so they can withstand exhaust vent emissions of grease, chemicals and gas which can significantly deteriorate most membranes on roofs, contaminants such as cleaning agents or animal fats and be constructed in a way that meets stringent regulations that exist in the food industry.

We recognise all of the issues that your business may face, and we use our expertise to ensure that the roofing system installed is a good fit for your business and meets current roofing and food industry standards.