Roof Sheets

One of the most important elements of a roofing project is the roofing sheets that cover the surface of the roof. They should be of the highest quality and installed properly. We supply the following types of roofing sheets:

Fibre Cement – Far superior to older style roofing, our cement products are safe and strong. Many older type cement roofs contain asbestos but ours are totally asbestos free and made from safe products.

Tile Effect – Cost effective, lightweight and easy to install, these are the perfect alternative to traditional slate tiles

Corrugated – A corrugated roof can be used for many different applications and they offer an excellent option for weatherproofing any building

Box Profile – Available in two thicknesses, 0.5mm and 0.7mm, these box profile roofs are of the highest quality

Flat Sheets – Galvanised steel flat sheets which are available in a range of colours, thicknesses and sizes Insulated – High quality, reliable roofing sheet systems with a complete insulation solution, designed to eliminate condensation and heat loss

Anti-condensation – This can be installed into the steel box profile roofing sheets, corrugated or pan tile roofing to reduce condensation build up.

GRP Fibreglass – A strong, long lasting roofing product designed with a long life span and minimal maintenance

Explore more about our roof sheets on our dedicated product pages. Find out their features, benefits and which types of roof they are best suited to.

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