Winter is traditionally an off-season period for roof contractors. And, there are many reasons why. The adverse weather conditions can make it both inconvenient and, sometimes, dangerous for roofers to work at height. Exposing a building to the elements can put stock, employees and assets at risk in a way that isn’t so prominent during the Summer. However, there are some benefits to slotting in your roof repair or replacement at this time – if it can be done safely.


Because roof repairs generally happen during the Summer, those that can take place during Winter are cheaper. This is due to supply and demand – if a service is in high demand, there will be an additional fee. This covers the convenience of slotting in the repair alongside a heavy workload and the heightened cost of materials during this time. If you’re looking to save money and minimise financial output – especially on roof replacements – opt for a winter slot, if you can get one.

Flexible booking dates

Because many roofing contractors have less work during the Winter period, their calendar’s tend to be more open. Therefore, you’ll have more flexibility when it comes to choosing the date for your repair. As a business, you can then plan important employee events or activities to fall outside of this, minimising disruption as much as possible. Opt for an early morning appointment to fit in with the general workflow of your business. Or choose a day at the end of the week to make sure important meetings and activities are out of the way.

Reactive to repairs

It’s important that you action repairs to your roof as soon as you notice them. This is more cost-effective and prevents more serious damage from occurring. Many repairs can still take place during winter but you’ll need to be conscious of the weather. Some tools, such as compressors or nail guns, can become filled with frozen water if the weather drops too significantly. Equally, some materials, such as asphalt roofing, poses considerable hazards if fitted in winter. Metal sheet cladding, on the other hand, won’t crack, bend or break and is less likely to be impacted by changing temperatures. Speak to a reputable roofing contractor who will be able to advise on whether a minor roof repair can be done during Winter.

Taking care of these issues early on will prevent extreme weather conditions from escalating them over this season.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to us about a repair you need, please get in contact with the team here today.