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Roofing in Newcastle upon Tyne

Sheeting and Cladding 

Cladding is considered as the application of one material over another.  This is to protect the underlying structure. This is done with the aim of providing a layer or a skin. These are intended to control infiltration of weather elements.

 This regulates element supports to carefully direct wind or water. This is done in order to prevent infiltration in the building structure. The benefits of perforated metal cladding are easy installation, durability and light weight. 

There are different types of cladding. These include brick cladding, concrete, metal, external foam, fibre cement, Vinyl, stone cladding, timber cladding and weatherboard cladding.

Roof Cladding

Roof cladding protects and insulates your industrial building. It can enhance a building's protection from the elements. It does this by protecting the underneath brickwork and helps to avoid structural damage. 

By having roof cladding fitted to your building, you can help protect your brickwork from any structural damage. Roof cladding is very simple to install. 

Roof Sheeting

When it comes to roof sheeting, it can become corroded over time. This is especially true if it is not properly installed. This can usually cause drips and other problems to occur. You should get your roof sheeting repaired by a professional industrial roofing company. The company needs to that specialise in industrial roofing.  They may also use treatments such as an application of Triflex or Giromax coatings. 

Roof cladding reduces the need for maintenance. Roof cladding offers an additional layer of protection to your industrial building.   It simply means that the external structure of your building may need less maintenance. 

You need to choose a professional and reliable industrial roofing company to install your roof cladding.  A typical way to install cladding is to fix first the batons to the surface of the exterior walls of your building.  You don't usually have to wait long for the job to be completed as it is a simple process. 

The batons create a gap between the cladding and the wall which will aid insulation and ventilation. Roof cladding is a great way to update the look of your industrial building. It also helps to ensure the protection of your property from the elements. Before investing in roof cladding, make sure you have a good look at the options available. Also, make sure that you ask for professional advice. 

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