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Roofing Services in Newcastle upon Tyne 

Maintenance Contracts 

To keep your roofing warranty in effect, routine maintenance and inspections are needed. When repair work does not follow the condition of the warranty it can really void it. Knowing this could save you a considerable amount of money, time and stress. Our team of experienced roofing experts are your best choice for preserving your current roofing. The reliability of your existing or new roof needs to last for years to come.  

Industrial Roofing Services   are skilled and certified roofing installers.  We have approved installers for the premier manufacturers. This makes us the premium provider of industrial and commercial roofing products.  

Our maintenance contracts include completing inspections as well as repairs. This is required to keep warranties legitimate and up to date.

About Our Maintenance Contracts

Once you sign up for our maintenance contracts, you are allocated a dedicated service roofer. They will get to know you as well as your building. 

Contracted inspections

You get pre-scheduled bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly inspections. Our technicians will call you to inform you when the work is complete. We will ask you if you are still experiencing any issues on your house covering.


In case you are experiencing a leak, we will check those parts first.  If not, we go on with our standard list of services on maintenance contracts. 

Roofing investment

At  Industrial Roofing Services, we help our clients roofing requirements for the life of every roof. A maintenance contract is only one more way we offer the utmost value for our client's roofing investment.

The Importance of Roofing Maintenance Contracts 

Our technicians will go the extra mile when doing maintenance contracts on your home or building. An issue may be because of a related trade like HVAC, windows or masonry.   Industrial Roofing Services   will determine the problem and recommend a better solution. 

All complete or inclusive maintenance contracts are made according to your requirements. Warranted as well as non-warranted roofing systems are available for a set fee.

An inclusive maintenance contract could be mixed with roof leak repair. We can provide credit for inclusive roof solutions.

Each roof system must be secured by a maintenance agreement. A company's warranty doesn't cover all issues that might arise on your roof.

Ask our staff what the information each of these maintenance contracts cover.

Find out more information about our industrial and commercial roofing maintenance contract. Just fill the contact form on our web page and we will get in touch with as soon as possible. 

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