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Roofing Installations

Guttering Installation and Repair

Guttering can help to keep your industrial establishment in excellent condition for a long time. With good guttering, there is no more splashing of water, sand or mud on windows. You can protect walls and doors from spoiling their appearance. 

The exterior paint of your industrial building no longer fades quickly or becomes splotched. Water damage of any kind is quick to affect the doors of your industrial building. Guttering is necessary to divert the rainwater from the concrete in your building since it leads to sinking and cracking. Guttering is considered as one of the most important components of a roofing system. 

An industrial roof with a broken gutter or without a gutter faces a lot of problems. These are caused by with snow and water leakage. Its main job is to convey the water from rain or melted snow towards the ground. It also helps in maintaining a good look on the roof and protecting the solid strata along the sides of the building. 

A misaligned gutter can convey a huge amount of water inside the building in a short span of time.  Industrial Roofing Services are experienced in designing gutters. This is important since an erroneous angle can flood water inside your establishment or it can damage your roof. 

Gutter Repair

Most gutters are structured at the eaves where water is naturally expressed. Without the gutter, water will flow freely towards the edge of the building. This hits the ground saturating its sides with water. In time, the water can pound the surrounding soil and deplete the normal countering pressure. 

The impact of water on the ground usually varies. The solution can be applied according to roofing materials that our company offers. In buildings with overlying gables, rainwater flowing over the slopes of upper gables can scrap the look of your lower roof.

It can either fade the paint or trigger the formation of moulds or algae. Our professional team have also designed gutters to prevent the wind from smashing water onto the windows.

Broken gutters can easily be repaired with the help of our professional team. After we assess the damage, we determine if it can be fixed. This can be done by simple cutting through and replace the damaged parts.  Alternatively, we can change the entire drainage system.